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Taiwan Attractions

Taiwan Attractions

By: Abel Smith | Dec 22, 2010 | 409 words | 813 views
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Taipei : The capital is congested place, with three million people in the city itself and another three million in the surrounding countryside. That said, it has plenty of attractions to detain you for a couple of days, including atmospheric temples, museums, historic monuments and teeming night markets. If you do nothing else here, visit the National Palace Museum, featuring the world's finest array of Chinese artifacts, moved here in 1948 by the Kuomintang; it's such a huge collection that only a tiny fraction is displayed at any one time. Chian Kuo is one of the largest jade markets in the world, with more than nine hundred sellers. Also a must-see is Snake Alley, where fortune-tellers, tattoo parlours, fruit sellers and restaurants nestle alongside stalls where you can try a drink of snake blood and bile (and optional venom), removed from a specimens freshly killed and skinned in front of you. The mind-boggling concoction is said to strengthen the eyes, spine and sexual vitality

Miramar Entertainment Park : Nowadays, a shopping mall isn't just a place for buying things. Miramar Entertainment Park brings the shopping experience to the next level. A day and night over here is definitely not enough! You can spend the whole day browsing through the many items on offer in the department store or be fascinated by the movies on offer at the IMAX store. At night, enjoy the sights and sounds at the outdoor entertainment park. You really shouldn't give the 70-meter ferris wheel a miss!

Regardless of your age, gender, background, etc. you too can start learning every nook and cranny of Taiwan. What's more, you can also find other people like you who are basically searching for new friends online. No wonder meeting friends online today is as easy as ABC and as quick as 123, with the help of the internet, meeting people even from other parts of the world is now an option available to all of us.

Most foreigners in Taiwan nowadays, are finding it easy to soak in the culture and the language with the help of their online friends. Being able to learn everything easily through their online friends is indeed a welcomed changed. While Taiwan expats are also finding things easy to be able to mingle with natives through the help of their online friends. Being able to enjoy a different place, without the need to actually go out and explore first, is an option that you too can avail.

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